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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Papadopoulos & Sons: Production Etc...


"Papadopoulos & Sons" is a family-oriented film. It has been inspired by Marcus Markou's own family history and cultural roots, which fuelled his desire to focus on family unity.

The film was shot in the London area. The crew found a street with two empty shops in Morden, South London, and took the lease on them. One became the chip shop The Three Brothers, the other one the rival kebab shop. The city scenes were filmed in Central London, the mansion scenes in Croydon. Finally, the Papadopoulos factory was set in a real Greek food factory in East London.


In the UK Marcus self distributed  Papadopoulos & Sons in cinemas, re-mortgaging his house to raise the funds so that he was able to self distribute with his own company "Double M", as well as with "Cineworld" . It was due to be screened for a week starting  April 5th, 2013, but in many places due to audience demand ran for much longer while they expanded to more venues.

The film was released in France on the 3rd October 2012 at the "Dinard Festival of British Cinema", in Greece on the 7th November 2012 at the "Thessaloniki International Film Festival" and the 20th December, in Ireland on the 5th April 2013 and in Germany on 27th June 2013.


The film can be found on Facebook and Twitter, as well as having a YouTube channel, a Google+ profile and an IMDB page. The trailer was released on the 23rd April 2013 on YouTube. The film also has an official website, and a poster.

Exhibition and Exchange:

The film was screened at "Cineworld"  and was also released on DVD, and is available online, such as on Netflix.

The film made £40k from just 13 cinemas in the opening weekend. 
 It was awarded three stars out of five by various media outlets among which The Guardian, saying that the film was "an ambitious attempt to rewrite Lear for laughter rather than tears. It's a throwback, but relaxed, sweet and funny with it: a first feature that makes an impression by not pushing too hard to make an impression"

The criticisms mainly concern the screenplay deemed by some as predictable or déjà-vu, most critics insisting nonetheless on the "feel-good" aspect of the film

The film received 82% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and an average rating of 6.9 out of 10 on IMDb

On June 27, 2013, the film was released in 70 cinemas in Germany under the name "Papadopoulos & Söhne" and achieved the impressive tally of 23 850 admissions during the first weekend.

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