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Friday, 20 September 2013

Film Opening Analysis

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

The film is set around the life of 22 year old Scott Pilgrim who ends out falling in love with  Ramona Flowers, an American girl who has a secret about her past love life... All of her exes are evil and that if Scott wants to be with her, then he must defeat all of them in combat.

The sequence begins with a comic book like introduction, stating where the film is set and giving a small amount of insight into the protagonist Scott Pilgrim. It then swipes to a shot of a house as we hear Scott's housemates talking from within the house with disapproval about his new relationship with high school student  Knives Chau. One by one they try to pick apart every aspect of his relationship and wonder what would draw a 22 year old man to a girl still in high school.

We are then introduced to Knives as she turns up on the doorstep just in time for Scott's band to rehearse. As the band are playing hand drawn lightning bolts appear around them as would similarly be used in comic strips to signify loud rock music being played.

The opening sequence takes place over an extremely short period of time, it only gives us as the audience limited information about the characters in terms of their personality and general demeanour. All that we learn about the characters is their names, their relation to the protagonist and their ages.

The majority of the main characters are introduced in the opening sequence through the use of video game style pop ups. This fits in with the whole style of the movie as there are various effects within the movie with are derived directly from popular video games.

NOTE: Entire opening sequence was not available so some parts of the analysis will not seem relevant to available footage. If you wish to watch the entire opening please click on link below.

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