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Friday, 20 September 2013

Reflection on Shots

Describe your shot and identify in what way it could be described as representing your chosen genre

This shot is a high angle shot of a scene. The actors head is tilted downwards and his face is covered by his hands. The lighting is focused on the male actor, because of this the audiences attention is shifted from the girl on the floor to him and the emotions which he is feeling. This represents the drama genre as the focus is placed on those around the "incident" rather the person injured by the event. We as an audience are forced to detach ourselves from the overall image and pay particularly close attention to the effect of what has happened on the male.

What did you actually do to achieve this effect?

To achieve this effect the flood light was placed so that the majority of the light engulfed the male actor. In order for the audience to be clear of the drama, I placed the actor fairly close to the body to show they have some form of relationship which explains why the actor is holding his head.

What is successful about your shot?
I love the way you instantly feel saddened by the image, you understand that the 2 actors had a real bond and that this incident has torn a deep hole in the male actors heart.

  What would you do differently?
In hindsight, I would have used a spot light rather than a floor light to place extra emphasis on the male actor being the centre of attention. Also, the image is extremely grainy, I would have altered the lighting so that the image appears more clearly. 

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