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Friday, 27 September 2013

Opening Sequence Continuity- Harry Potter

The opening shot is a focus shot depicting a street sign naming the location as an owl sits atop it, the audience are instantly given a sense of location. The shot then pans right to a long shot of a row of trees with a house and street lamp in front, as this happens the owl that was perched on top the street sign flies in the direction of the trees in the background. This was used to direct the attention of the audience, as a man with a long beard appears from within the trees that the owl had just flown past.

The long shot then changes to a mid long shot as the man emerges, still with trees surrounding him. This shows that he is in the same place as he was before in relation to the surrounding objects, it is only the shot which has changed. It then cuts to a close up shot of a cat as the man walks past, giving the audience a sense of movement in the scene, as though the man is walking with purpose.

The cat does not move, staying on the corner of the street as the man, stops in his tracks and stands in the same position for a number of shots as he takes out a lighter-like object and puts out all of the street lights. This changes the style of lighting in the scene from low key to a style much darker, all of the shadows in the scene are therefore emphasized greatly due to the lighting change.This leads perfectly into the next shot, which is a silhouetted view of the cat as it transforms into a female. Rather than showing the cat itself transform the shadow is used instead.

Later on in the sequence, shot-reverse-shot is used while all of the character in the scene are talking about whether what they are doing is the right thing or not. The audience are placed from the viewpoint of the characters and get a sense that they themselves are part of the conversation.

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