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Monday, 10 November 2014

Shoot Day 10/11/14

Considering the number of shots we were unable to complete in our last shoot, we opted for a much more conservative approach to this shoot; opting to complete our Ice smashing shot and the Rose performance shots. We in fact strayed slightly from our shootboard for this shoot; instead of filming all of our rose performance, we opted to to capture our back shots, because we though that would be a better use of our time.

Starting the shoot at 1230, the logistics of the shot weren't in our favour, with us having to send Matt back home to get the rose in ice, because we were unable to find a place suitable to store the ice for the 5 hour period between lessons starting and our shoot starting. While he did so, we began setting up for the shot, changing our lighting for our initial plans so that the light reflects off the ice best. Once Matt arrived with the ice, we were able to make the final adjustments to the lighting.

Three different cameras

We opted to use the GoPro, Canon 5D and the Canon Legria to shoot from three different angles, so we have a choice of shots, each with different image qualities and frame rates. Matt, Harry and I took charge of a camera, while Yssy got the pleasure of smashing the ice and covering herself in water.

                                                       Ice smashing on the Canon 5D (left) and Canon Legria (Right)

I'm really happy with the look of this shot; certain unexpected elements such as the water surrounding the rose turning pink, worked well and added to the artistic feel to the shot. As the ice smashes and all of the water splashes out, it reflects the light perfectly.

Next in the shoot was the montage of back shots, in which we build up a mosaic of meaningful words on Matt's back to reflect the progression in Roza's relationship. After cleaning up all of the water and ice from the last shot, Matt got his back straight into make-up, to give us a blank canvas to work on.

Applying make-up to Matt's back
Our planned collection of words to use

We planned our a multitude of words to write onto Matt's back to reflect Roza's relationship going from the good to the bad, starting with the word "Love" and ending in "Hate".

We made sure we had a corrector pen with us, so that if any words were mis-spelt  or the placing wasn't quite right, we were able to remove it and start again.

Me correcting a mistake on Matt's back

After writing each word on his back, we would get Matt to pose completely still for a few seconds, so that we could be able to place all of the clips in a sequence, showing a build up as the song progressed. The sequence looks really nice, starting with very timid, introverted poses, ending with a very strong pose and the word "Hate" in full view of the camera. We all agree that there is a nice progression, which will work well in the context of the music video.

Harry writing on Matt's back

Since we we were ahead of schedule by an hour by the time we finished this shot , we opted to test out the close-ups for the Rose performance shots so that we save time for when we want to shoot them. Ending the shoot dead on 1730, having captured all of our footage and practised for the Rose performance shots.

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