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Monday, 24 November 2014

Shoot Day 24/11/1

By this point we had recorded 99% of our shots, as well as the vast majority of our publicity shots in the bank. Starting at starting at 0850, we powered through with our remaining publicity shots; having to take prolonged breaks because of our timetabled lessons throughout the day.

We managed to take all of our publicity shots by 1425, at which point we began setting up for the narrative club scene which we decided to retake after taking a step back and looking at the narrative with staff after our previous shoot.

Original shot

The suggestion from staff was to have something which shows the progression of the bad times in her relationship, something to show the arguments going to the next level. He thought it best to have her do something slightly more aggressive andf explosive in the moment Roza sees her boyfriend dancing with another woman.

In our initial footage, Roza's reaction was much calmer, with her opting to make her boyfriend aware of her knowing his actions and then leaving him in the club on his own.

Slap in argument

This was our most controversial shot, because we said from the start of our project that we didn't want Roza to come across as having an explosive personality. However, we all agreed that we needed the argument in the club to be much larger than what we already had. Whilst we were slightly sceptical of the idea, we decided to go for it because we really needed a much larger argument.

Our fear of having something so explosive as a slap, was because it was so different from our original idea on Roza's personality; but looking back on it, I think that her reaction as a whole works well to make her seem more real as a person. There are very few people who would react calm in that situation and it was naïve of us thinking that it was realistic for Roza to act in such a way.

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