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Monday, 10 November 2014

First Rough Edit

As a group, we were collectively editing as we went along, adding in new footage as we filmed it to see what does and doesn't work well together. Below is the our first rough edit of our music video, there are some sections of the video that are blank because we found it difficult to decide what should go there.

Once we reached this stage of our edit we asked for audience feedback from staff and to a certain extent it was what we were expecting. With the main points being:

- The video feeling very disjointed (i.e. nothing pulling all of the clips together)
- The concept shots seem very random, not being placed at moments in the video that make sense
- Our video being very Narrative lead, when we said from the start we wanted a loose narrative
- Our narrative not having a clear structure
- There being no shots pinning down our artist identity

These were things which we all had at the back of our minds but didn't act on because we felt we were so far along in the process. Although, it should probably ring alarm bells in our heads when we cant watch our video the whole way through without turning away.
Her advice was to start again on the edit, this time laying a proper performance bed before adding in any narrative or concept shots. She thought that we had captured some really good footage and that it was shot well, it was just the way in which we put it together that was letting us down.
The next thing for us to do is to start over with out edit, this time looking at the video as a whole, rather than individual sections.

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