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Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Role

In the music video I'm playing the role of George Daniel, the drummer, which is great for me because it allows me to incorporate my acting skills into the video, as well as having a small lip-synch at the start with Kayvon who plays Mathew Healy.

My role as George Daniel is is basically me being extremely energetic when it comes to my drumming and totally disregarding everything else that is happening around me. Even when the female drummer comes and sits on my lap while I'm performing, I just need to act as though nothing has happened and continue with what I'm doing.

When it comes to being energetic and primarily focussing on the drum kit I'm definitely not going to have a problem. As long as I get really into the role, then there is no reason as to why my energy would drop or my concentration should break. When it comes to performing with the female actor on my lap it may be slightly awkward, but that is solely because I rarely talk with the actor playing the female drummer. It may actually be beneficial for my role if I were to start a dialogue with her and try to lose some of that awkwardness.

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