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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Question 3- Are You Pleased With The Footage And Your Edit? Is It How You Expected It To Look?

The footage from the shoot was great to work with, for the most part we replicated all of the shots down to the smallest of details. In any case where it wasn't possible to have a set that was exactly the same as the one in the actual video (e.g. not having a car for practical reasons), we compromised as best we could to provide a set that worked best (using a smaller moped rather than a car).

Our version (left) using a moped rather than a car as seen in the real video (right)

There were quite a few shots where the footage was much darker than I would have liked, but that's nothing that can't be fixed in post production. It only means that I get my grading skills pushed slightly further than they would have been. All of the cast's performances are convincing and worked well on camera; thanks to our performance coach and choreographer this seemed to come naturally to everyone when they were in front of the camera and this came across very strongly when watching all of the footage back. Although it was made apparent when editing that the timings for some of the actions in some shots was out, causing some complications in the edit.

Our performance coach an choreographer filling us in on what they want from us

I think that my edit went quite well, the shots that I chose to use fit with those use in the real video with some compromising in certain areas because of issues with timing in some of the footage. My grading of the footage gave the right feel to the video and easily corrected any issues in the colouring of shots. An example of where I am most please with my grading  would be in the white scenes, because if you were to look at the original footage you would see a very dark outline in the corners of the shot. I managed to fix this for the most part, without affecting the colours of the actors in the band.

Obviously, I am still learning and there are various thing I would improve if time was no problem. Specifically the shots of the lead with a yellow background; in most of these shots his skin was bright orange and it is something that I could not leave as it. I tried to do as little to the yellow background as possible while still making Kayvon (lead) his normal skin tone; unfortunately this lead to either having the background turn green or having him look grey and lifeless. I feel like I came to a good compromise in these shots and the grading of the footage was done to an acceptable standard.

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