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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Website Progression- Purchasing Opportunities

With the ever growing trend of online shopping, it has become a convention of websites for artists to have their own section where audiences are able to by artist branded merchandise, tickets etc... It is a very important revenue stream for artists and encourages interactivity between the audience and the website, that is why, when designing Roza's website, we ensured that we maximised the purchasing opportunities for audiences.

Purchasing on Landing Page

On the very first page of Roza's website, the landing page, the audience are hit with an advert for Roza's debut album.  Instantly making them aware that Roza has a new album and giving them the chance to part with their money and pre-order it.

Reminder on Homepage

When the audience do reach the homepage of Roza's website, they are then again reminded of the album and given another opportunity to pre-order a copy. This keeps the the album in the consumer's mind and forces them to recognise that they can get their hands on a copy of the album.

Cart icon in header
In the header of each page we placed a cart icon, which keeps a running total on the total cost of any purchases made. This acts as a reminder to audiences that we  have merchandise available for purchase and links to the store foe easy access.

Advert scroller

On the homepage, we have a scrolling advert box; this displays two very crucial purchasing opportunities for the audience. The first being "Roza Live", which links to the tour information and leads them to the sites where they can buy tickets for the event. The Second is another reminder of the new album, this linking to the store page, where they can pre-order it.

Thumbnail for merchandise

There is also a section on the homepage which shows audiences that we have various pieces of merchandise on sale via the website. The visuals give an example of what the audience can buy and entices them. Once interested, they can then click on the image which links directly to the store, where they can purchase the merchandise.

We created an entire store to sell a variety of Roza and RSR merchandise, giving audiences a range of choices and catering for different needs and styles. This can be accessed by the tab in the header; the cart icon; the merchandise thumbnail on the homepage; or any of the various buttons to pre-order the album.

Merchandise in the store

Roza Live

On the "Latest" page, we have a section dedicated to Roza's upcoming tour "Roza Live". On each tour date there is an image of the inside of the venue, to give audiences a sense of the atmosphere in the venue. There are also buttons which links to the website for the venue, from there audiences can purchase tickets.

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