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Saturday, 20 December 2014

2) How Effective Is The Combination Of Your Main Product And Ancillary Texts?

The main point of us creating three products which work well together, was to create a marketing campaign which successfully introduces Roza into the music industry. In order for this campaign to be considered successful, it must pin down Roza's brand and identity. To do this, we ensured to incorporate synergy into our cross media platform based campaign, therefore creating a clear link between music video, website and album digipak. From my point of view, by creating these links, the combination of my music video, album digipak and website is a very effective combination.

Example of Synergistic Marketing Campaigns: Drake

Artist Identity

Roza's identity anchors the entire campaign, appealing to audiences and making hers distinct within the market. Richard Dyer's theory that a star is "an image, not a real person, that is constructed out of a range of materials", was referred to when constructing Roza's identity. The word cloud below shows words which describe Roza's artist identity:
Album Digipak

Synergy in Roza's Marketing Campaign

Roza's Website

(Links below open in new window)

Websites are conventionally seen as the main hub for an artist's marketing campaign, bringing together all three products. Information on Roza was included on the website to encourage audiences to go onto it. Once audiences are on the website, we encourage their engagement through the inclusion of various interactive opportunities. To then provide an additional revenue source for Roza, we included a number of purchasing opportunities.

Learning Opportunities

We included specific information on Roza that can only be accessed via the website, therefore giving dedicated fans no option other than to use the website to find out this information. Things like the top Roza related news, Roza's latest tour dates and exclusive images.

Roza news (left), Tour Dates (centre), Exclusive images (right)


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