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Friday, 19 December 2014

3) What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

At the start of the project we did a lot of research into our target audience, so that we made a music video which appeals to them and plays into their interests.

In order to collect feedback from our target audience once we had made the music video, we made an anonymous online survey via "Survey Monkey". As well as continually asking for feedback throughout the construction stages of the project from members of our target audience.

The Prezi below shows a breakdown of our target audience, including both Primary and Secondary audiences:

Audience Feedback: Construction

When we were constructing our three products, we were constantly asking other people's opinions in regards to our work. This feedback had quite an effect on the directions we headed in, because it gave us an objective opinion on our work.

Album Cover

With the album cover for example, when we thought we had finished with the design, we asked for some feedback on how it was constructed. The main point was that they didn't feel a strong link between the front and back covers.

Before feedback (left), After feedback (right)

We therefore made changes to our use of the coloured smoke and added in the gradient background, which creates a very strong visual link between the two and pulls the album together.

Music Video

Changes to the music video were a regular occurrence; after making a number of changes, we would then ask for the opinions of other as to how well they worked and what they would do differently. The video below shows a few examples of what was said about our music video during construction.

To summarise the main points we took from this:
-  Put more emphasis on editing to the music, stronger use of fades and cuts.
- The colouring on the narrative doesn't convey that it happened in the past, use effect like grey-scale or sepia.
- The cutting and timing for the hair flick didn't work. Either have it flick all the way or not at all.


Contact page before feedback

One piece of feedback we received on our website, is that generally it's visually pleasing and shows the artist well. However, there are certain expected elements we were missing that stopped it looking professional. Things such as how plain the contact page was, with nothing really other than a form. In order to fix this, we embedded a google map, showing the record label's location and its contact details.

Contact page after feedback  
Audience Feedback: Music Video

To collect audience feedback on our music video, we created a survey using the online questionnaire maker "Survey Monkey"; which can be seen below. Making the survey was definitely a good idea, because it gave us an understanding of which parts were well received and which needed improvement.

Below shows some of the main responses we received from the survey:

1. People understood that the song was R&B (a sub-genre of the PBR&B genre)

Most seemed to make the connection between the song and R&B. There were a few responses that weren't quite able to place the sound of the song with a genre, with some not being totally wrong in saying it was indie.

2. The themes of Relationships and Heartbreak came across well

Near enough all of the responses made some reference to the struggles of the relationship and Roza's reaction to it. A small percentage didn't feel there was a strong theme/message to the video, which may have been because of how visual the music video was, possibly causing the themes to become lost. However, this is purely down to individual interpretations and the majority understood what we were trying to convey.

3. Connection between Narrative, Performance and Concept could be clearer

While audiences seemed to like how visual the music video was, some felt that a few of the concept shots weren't relevant to the rest of the video. We made an artistic choice to incorporate concept into our video to such an extent and these responses we anticipated, because of how much conceptual footage leaves for interpretation. However, now after reading people's responses, I see that perhaps we didn't think about how these shots would be received by audiences objectively enough.

In addition to the survey, we interviewed a few members of our target audience, asking them their honest opinions of the music video and seeing what they really thought. Their responses can be seen below:

The main points I took from this are that:

1. People enjoyed how visual the video was, it peaked their interest and engrossed them.
2. Roza's strong and independent personality comes across well.
3. The message of the narrative was clear to audiences and they understood the link between the narrative and lyrics.
4. The mise en scene of the narrative could be improved to enforce the realism of their relationship.

Audience Feedback: Album Cover

When interviewing members of our target audience about our music video, we also asked them about what they thought of the album cover design. Their responses can be seen below:

The main points I took from this are that:

1. The artist image was well represented in the design.
2. The design is interesting and catches people's attention.
3. The album looks professional and is well put together.
4. Important information i.e. the track list, could be made clearer.

Audience Feedback: Website

Questions were also asked about their opinions of the website, when they were given a chance to interact with it. Their responses can be seen below:

The main points I took from this are that:

1. The countdown was effective in encouraging purchase of the debut album.
2. The interactivity of the website worked well to aid navigation, but the website could be made more so.
3. Looks professional due inclusion of expected features e.g. social media, purchasing.
4. Artist biography could exclude certain audiences. It perhaps should have been more generic.

Audience Feedback: Combination of all products

At the end of each session, we asked them a final question on how well they thought all three products worked together. Their responses can be seen below:

It was a general consensus that all three products worked well together; with the use of iconography and colour making for a very synergistic range of  products. As has been previously stated, a synergistic approach to the project was our aim; the feedback received makes a strong case that our aim has been achieved.

Top 3 Positives I Took From The Feedback

1. Roza's artist identity and brand comes across strongly in the music video, website and digipak.
2. We effectively created three products that are synergistic.
3. The visuals in the music video are engaging and increase interest in Roza

Top 3 Changes I Would Make In Hindsight

1. On the album digipak and website, the artists's style were put ahead of practicality i.e artist biography, (website) and track list (album digipak). It may have been a better choice to go for a more generic style, in font choices (track list and lyrics) and content (biography).

2. The narrative could be made much clearer and realistic if the use of mise-en scene were improved.; taking much more care to dress the set to denote a young couple.

3. I would try and create more of a link between some of the conceptual shots and the performance footage; perhaps by being more specific in the type of conceptual shots or making more use of integrated concept/performance clips.

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