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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Website Progression - Interactivity

The whole idea of a website is to get audiences interested in the artist and give them a chance to feel that much closer to the ban if they do, in turn, become fans. In order to do this, we aimed to make our website as interactive as possible; giving fans as many opportunities to get involved with Roza as possible.

When audiences open the website they are given the latest news that Roza is releasing her debut album. Once they're aware of the album, they can then enter the site and find out more about Roza as an artist.
Encouragement to go to main site

Second opportunity to pre-order album

When they reach the website's homepage, they are then again reminded that they can pre-order Roza's album with the same countdown as on the landing page.

Link to Instagram and Twitter
 attached to footer
Encouraging audience to follow
on Twitter and engage
The web page for us, acts as a hub where all of Roza's social media comes together. Because of this, there are multiple links, live feeds and chances for audiences to get involved with Roza's social media pages by sharing them with friends.
Live feed to Twitter

The live feed, which links to Roza's Twitter account is constantly being updated directly by Roza. Meaning that fan can stay on the website an still get all real time updates from Roza.

There are also scrolling advertisements on the homepage, showing audiences the highlights of the web; with each ad linking to the corresponding page on the website. Encouraging audiences to have a look around the website and get involved. The meet Roza ad, for example, linking directly to the competitions page.

Advert Scroller
Also in the footer of the website is a subscription box, where audiences can sign up to receive a weekly newsletter with exclusive news and updates about Roza that only those who sign up will know.
Subscription bar
The competition

By participating in our competition, audiences are not only connecting with the music as it requires them to pre-order the album, they are also interacting with the artist on social media, by submitting their entries via the twitter page.

Contact Page

Audiences also have the option of sending messages directly to Roza without having to leave the website, through use of the Contact page. They can write a message to Roza, leave their contact details and receive a personalised response , building another connection between audience and artist.

Everything is portable nowadays, so we wanted to make the transition from pc to portable as easy as possible, which is why we placed a qr code on the website. This enables audiences to scan the code and move the website onto their mobile or portable device, meaning they can get onto the site where ever they are.

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