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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Individual Research- Audiences


From the surveys (below), you can see that there is generally no link between gender/age and the type of music that they choose to listen to . While there are perceptions that certain genres of music are for specific groups, these surveys show that people listen to what they feel like and when it comes to music, they show their individuality.

 This is only shown to be even more true when you look at the 17 year old female and the 39 year old male, both of which are perceived to be past listening to pop music, but both say that pop is in their top 4 preferred genres.  As is to be expected, the younger of those who took the survey (15&17 years old) enjoy going out and listening to music live, this could be due to the social nature of seeing music live, they can go with their friends and make a whole day out of it.

While those slightly older seem to prefer to have physical copies of their music, which may be due to the consumption habits they have gotten themselves into while growing up. For many of them, downloading or streaming wasn't an option, meaning the only way for them to have a control over what music they listen to in their homes and when, was to buy hard copies of the music in the form of CDs or even LPs. One thing that can be drawn from this survey is that for many, music is an essential part of their lives and is always there in the background. It is also apparent that the younger generation want to have their music on the go, with many of them choosing a portable device as their main consumption platforms.

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