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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Semeotic Analysis

  • This track has a strong message, telling audiences that it is fine to be who you are, because eventually the underdog comes out on top
  • In keeping with this message, the video contains various clips of "underdogs" overcoming a challenge and ending out as the champion (e.g. Bull and Matador, the Matador dies in the end rather than the bull)
  • There is a strong use of the Post-modernistic style in this video; making reference to the iconic 1947 post war poster "We Can Do It". Which in itself plays into the message conveyed through the video, when you look at the historical context of the poster and the meaning behind it.

  • The use multiple faces in a collage style enforces the point that everyone is an individual, so should be free to be who they are; but also that everyone is human and therefore feel pain and can be hurt emotionally in the same way as yourself.

  • The lyrics and video work in tandem with one another, even though the footage is slightly abstract. This is especially true of the lyrics "We will never be anything but dirty little freaks", as they show an footage of what society would consider a "tramp". Conveying that in most cases, you cannot change who you are, what your style is, and your personality.... but that's fine, because you have the right to be what you want without fear.

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