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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Individual Research- Suitable Tracks/My Ideas

I haven't got a set thought trail about what exactly I want to in terms of my music video, but I do have a few ideas floating about that could be built upon and made into a meaningful video. I know for definite that I want the chosen track to be Pop-Rock/Indie-Rock/Rock, as well as a 60/40 split between performance and maybe some form of narrative (But open to suggestion, because I know my preferred genres can work with a variety of styles and ideas).

I quite like the idea of having a female lead in the band, but obviously if I find a song that I feel works really well, I would be more than happy to go for a male lead; because I mean who knows when I'm going to hear a track that I think is perfect. I just had it in my head because it is few and far between that you see an Indie-Rock band with a female lead reach an acclaimed position, such as that of Paramore, who have broken through that barrier very successfully.

In terms of the overall look of the video, I had the thought of switching between quite strong, bright colours and more dull pastel colours, like dull blues, greys ad greens in order to signify a change in emotions for the young versions of the band members. I find this interesting because now, unlike in past projects, there are no limitations about how far we go from conventional methods.

Suitable Tracks


This track is typical of the Pop-Rock genre and gives a lot of room to artistic license and interpretation of the song. The song is easy for audiences to connect with and evokes past memories on multiple topics. Starting off quite strong and altering slightly throughout to bring audiences back into reality and stir up new emotions. Playing very well into the thought of having a female lead vocalist (largely to do with the fact that the vocals are in a female voice).

Again, this song gives endless opportunities for full artistic license to be taken in terms of style and narrative. Another bonus is that the lead vocalist is female, which allows for a new female artist to work her way into the gap in the market I discovered. The track is calm and collected at the start, pulling in those listening and preparing them for the moment all of the instruments kick in and raise the mood of the song.

The appeal here is that it allows for both a male and a female vocalist, which I feel could lead to some really nice shots of chemistry between them in any performance shots where they are basically singing directly to one another. This opens up new ways of looking at any naratives, maybe have some harmless flirting in the performance shots, but link that to the "real" relationship between them.

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