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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our Artist

A lot of time went into coming up with the artist even though certain aspects were dictated by our choice of track, for instance gender (female) as well as the kind of style our artist will have, however track choice also caused some trouble. Surprisingly the majority of choices in regards to our artist were fairly quick and simple, but when it came to our artists identity i.e. Name, Cultural Identity etc, we found that we were going round in circles. If the track was of a more mainstream genre, then to a certain extent all we would need to initially is follow the conventions of the artist identity for that genre.

After some deliberation and constantly clicking "generate" on a random name generator, we came to what we thought was an appropriate name that fit with the sound of the track, as well as matching the look of the female we had in mind for the artist.

Our Artist

Name: Roza
Gender: Female
Age: 20 Years Old

Styling wise we took inspiration from other artists of the same genre, so from the likes of Jhene Aiko, FKA Twigs, Cassie and even The Weeknd. Her look is very simple, using mainly black and white. We feel that this prevents her image from overshadowing the message of her music. She isn't afraid of her femininity and will happily express this, without being overly sexualised and still upholding her modesty.



So that our artist is distinguishable in a market that has become heavily lead by visuals, we felt that it was best to have a particular motif for all and any material used for Roza. That is why we designed a logo that is distinct to Roza and Roza alone.

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