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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our Track

Our chosen track is called "Teen Spirit" by the artist SZA:

We chose this as our track for several reasons:
  • It is of the PRB&B genre, which incorporates elements from mainstream R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul and Dubstep. As such there is no typical sound for the genre because it does vary greatly within the genre itself.
  • Out of these 4 genres, it leans towards R&B and soul, which means its sound plays very well into our potential ideas for the video and gives us enough scope to be imaginative with our ideas.
  • We found that there was a gap in the market for female singers, especially within the PBR&B genre. This, we thought allows us to give our artist a fairly strong identity.
  • The slow yet intense beat works well with the ideas my group and I have and gives real potential in terms of a conceptual music video with a loose narrative.
  • Although the tempo of the track essentially stays stagnant throughout, there are various points where there are audible changes. There is the possibility that these can be used as signifiers for a change between the conceptual and narrative within the video.


 The track was released just before SZA signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, meaning that SZA owns the copyright for the track. I attempted to contact ZSA via both Twitter and Facebook, but I as of yet, I have not received a reply either way.

Contact Via Twitter
Contact Via Facebook

Original Artist 

This track was originally released by the artist SZA, an American born artist who mainly composes songs from the PBR&B genre.

So far she has released 3 EP's, 2 of which were self-released, while the 3rd was done under the name of the label she is signed to, "Top Dawg Entertainment".

Our chosen track was released by her in 2013 as a non-album track and as of yet, has not appeared in the top 100 of the charts.

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