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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Our Steal-O-Matic outlines the various ideas that we have for our music video; we looked at a variety of different media texts and found parts of them that we felt could be used as inspiration for our music video. All of the inspirational texts were downloaded to mp4 from YouTube using and then edited together using Adobe Premiere Pro. So as to ensure our vision is as clear as possible, titles were added to some sections to show what aspects of the text we drew inspiration from.

Obviously there are quite a broad spectrum of inspirations in this video and these will need to be fine-tuned to show exactly what we intend to do for our video. The Steal-O-Matic is a rough outline of the sort of things we would like to do using content from other texts and as such doesn't entirely reflect our video, but this will be shown in the form of an animatic later on.

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