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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Meetings Summary: Research & Planning 1

Our group meet a minimum of 2 times a week in person, this joined with the time we spend in class together means that we spend a solid  6-7 hours a week directly with one another, in which time we discuss any progress made, what still needs to be done and who will take responsibility for what. Generally we try to avoid siting around a computer as much as possible, because we get more direct involvement from everyone in the group, rather than being focused in on what's happening on the screen. If needs be, then we will get out an Ipad or two so that we can quickly look up what we need and still maintain the discussion around the table.

The first couple of meetings consisted of discussions regarding the audience, record label, track and artist.

Jotting down various ideas for the 4 decisions

We batted about various ideas, but had some trouble coming to an agreement initially. This was most likely due to the fact that we all had varying tastes in music and as such, looked at the project from totally different views. However, this became one of our groups greatest assets, because once we had all agreed on these four main points; it meant that we were all inundated with ideas  for how the project would continue. All of which are based on the 4 decisions we initially made and are therefore geared towards a common ground.

As well as this, we make full use of various social networking platforms. We decide it was best to have a dedicated Facebook group, with which we can share ideas, upload and edit documents as a group and have direct contact with one another when we aren't in meeting.

A downside of the facebook group, is that we cannot access in school, which is why we also have a WhatsApp group that allows instantaneous contact wherever we are, in school, on the bus or at home. With this group, we can co-ordinate who is doing what and keep everyone in the group up to date in regards to the latest news on the project.

Once we were clear on the core essence of our project, the rest of our meeting consisted of sculpting the details of exactly what products we were releasing; so the basics of the story board, the flat plans for the website, album cover and promo shots, as well as the general outline for our music video.

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