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Monday, 20 October 2014

Costume and Make-Up

Make-up and costumes are an essential part of our artist's image, presenting Roza to the public in a specific way and putting across a specific message. The look for our artist was discussed an decided in our pre-production meetings as being urban yet sophisticated; showing that Roza can be sexy without being sexualised and putting across that Roza isn't afraid of her femininity.

Make-up was talked through with a professional make-up artist, discussing what look would best compliment our artist's image and the costumes for each shot.

Make-up Montage

Look for Wet shots"
Beyonce's look in "If I were a Boy"

For our main performance shot, we opted for a 'wet' look, taking inspiration from the Beyonce video "If I Were a Boy". Costuming for this shot was simple, because this shot is a close-up at its widest. We chose to have no costuming for this shot so it shows her vulnerability, as well as allowing us to layer more vibrant, busy shots on top.
Look for Fire Projection Shots
Since we intended to project quite vibrant moving images on Yssy, the make-up for this shot needed top be quite bold, so as not to get lost in all of the colour. We opted for make-up that was quite bold and sharp, especially around the eyes, so that the audience are given a focal point the shot. These shots are much more, for lack of a better word, fiery than our other shots. It's Roza's chance to show off and embrace her femininity, that being the reason for our choice of costume being a tight fitting cream and black dress. The dress doubling up as a canvas to be projected on, while still giving some texture to the shot and bringing it back into the 3rd dimension.

Look for Silhouette Performance shots
Silhouette performance is our darkest shot, in terms of both lighting and mood.In keeping qith this dark theme, it was decided that Yssy's make-up wouldn't include any bright or vibrant colours; with the main feature being "smokey eyes". The costuming for this shot goes along the same lines as the colours, with grey and black coloured materials. So that the shot has some depth, we decided that Yssy's top should have some texture to it. Yssy will also be wearing a plain black mini skirt, which we feel works well with a crop top to put Roza across as being sexy, but not sexualised.

Look for Rose Performance shots
We want to go for more of an urban feel to the Rose performance shots, keeping the theme of sexy, but not sexualised in mind. We chose a plain black crop top with a navy blue jacket for the costume on this occasion, with Yssy's hair to one side and much sharper make-up. Putting across some of Roza's attitude and strength is the main purpose of this shot, which is why these decisions were made.
Look for Bridge Performance shots

Costuming for the Central London performance was in a way dictated by the weather. Warm clothing with a jacket was a must, so we opted for a nice and warm jacket with fur lapels. Make-up is slightly more generic than the other performance shots because it was a location shoot, with bold eyes and red lips.

The costumes used in our narrative shots jump between a range of looks. From extremely casual (kitchen shots) to fully dressed up with sharp looking make-up (Bedroom Argument). Harry's look follows the same trend, with minimal/no make-up.
Costumes and Make-up in Narrative

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