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Monday, 20 October 2014

Performance Rehearsals

Our music video doesn't include a band as such, meaning that our only real rehearsals were for the narrative and lip-sync shots. Since the vast majority of our shots were of people in my group, rehearsals were done in a fairly informal way; with many of the performance rehearsals being undertaken when we were testing the lighting for our shots. The choreography for most of our performance shots are dependent on the set, not giving us much room for rehearsals.

The silhouette performance shots required a fair amount of practice with the silhouettes. Yssy and I needed to practise moving in sync and get used to interacting with each other when our views of one another are blocked by a blank sheet. This rehearsal session came down to use "perfecting" choreography and blocking, going wrong plenty of times, but eventually starting to think similarly about our positioning, making the interaction work well.

Choreographing and practice

Yssy getting used to performing in front of a projector

The fire performance shots had their own troubles when it came to rehearsing them. Since we were projecting straight onto Yssy's body, at times, she became blinded by the light from the projector. However, this is something Yssy had to learn to deal with and be able to handle so her performance isn't affected. Yssy acclimatised to performing this way pretty well, learning to look directly above the projector when performing and using her hands to shield her eyes in between takes.

The rehearsals for our narrative were done on location, because it gave us the opportunity to block and choreograph our shots in relation to the layout of the rooms being used. The cast for our narrative are members of our group, making rehearsals quick and simple, because all of the shots were planned as a group and all of us know the context of the different shots.

                                 Rehearsing Kitchen Scene
Rehearsing the Bedroom argument

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