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Monday, 20 October 2014


Our casting was a fairly simple process, we had already decided that our artist would be played by a member of our group and that we would keep our cast as small as possible.


Yssy will be taking on the role of the artist; with previous acting experience and being extremely comfortable on camera, we felt that she best fit the role. The track also works well because the vocals work well with Yssy's look and when the two are put together, the performance is believable.


Harry has been cast as the boyfriend who appears in all of the narrative within the video. He was screen tested along with another male, however we felt that due to the pre-existing chemistry between the two, that the relationship seemed most realistic. He is very confident in front of camera and is comfortable with some of the more intimate shots of the narrative.

Screen Test for Boyfriend Role

We lined up a few potential candidates for the role, but we managed to narrow it down to a shortlist of two, who we would then screen test to see how real the relationship between Yssy and themselves appeared.


Whilst Matt has previous experience acting in front of camera, when asked to test a scene, we were left unconvinced there was a relationship between Yssy and himself beyond that of a professional one. He did however have the most enthusiasm for the more creative, abstract elements of the video. It is for that reason that he was chosen to take part in the conceptual sections.

Out of the 3 males in my group, I have the most acting experience and whilst this would normally dictate that I would be in the lead male acting role, on this occasion we felt it would be most beneficial if I took on a more directory/performance coach role. I do still have a role in the video however, I am the male silhouette in the performance shots. This role required some choreography and since it is sort of my forte, it made most sense if I were to take on this part.

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