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Friday, 17 October 2014

Publicity Shots Planning

As a group we discussed what sort of shots would best represent Roza. Our thoughts were that we want three things to come across in the images: 1) Roza's British identity 2) that Roza isn't afraid of showing her sexuality 3) Roza his this innocence to her personality. We decided that Jhene Aiko was a good choice for inspiration, because we feel that there are certain similarities between the two artists. Whilst there are similarities between Roza an Jhene, the images we use for inspiration are really easy to adapt for Roza, therefore giving them Roza's own personal stamp.

 The whole idea behind these shots was to play towards Roza's British identity and what is more of a British activity than drinking tea. Having Roza drinking tea and eating biscuits allows for slightly more tongue and cheek images without her coming across as being sexualised

This shot's aim is to show Roza in a more relaxed, less staged environment; making her more relatable to audiences, as it shows Roza to be a normal person who loves nothing more than taking time out to relax in a peaceful and quiet environment.

This idea of being very calm and relaxed is continued in this image, with Roza dressed in a baggy shirt. Which in a way emulates the relief felt by many people as they arrive home, unbutton the top of their shirts, take their shoes off an really make themselves feel comfortable.

Considering that Roza wants to show that she has a slightly more raunchy side, without being sexualised, we constructed some shots where her mid-rift and arms are on show. Further showing this mischievous persona by posing with her arms raised behind her head.

Roza's whole identity initially started around a rose, hence the name "Roza". Therefore we feel it to be fitting that roses be a constant in the personality that it Roza. In keeping with the theme of "roses" that flows through most of Roza's work we thought it would be interesting to show Roza in a slightly more vulnerable/innocent light, whilst holding a rose in her hands. This just continues the metaphor which the roses represent throughout her work, the roses representing herself; being very beautiful and fragile,but still having this dangerous element, them being thorns in the case of the rose.

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