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Friday, 17 October 2014

Flat Plans: Album Cover

When coming up with ideas for our album cover we took inspiration mainly from female solo artists the likes of Ariana Grande, Jhene Aiko, Ellie Goulding etc...

In the cases of these covers, the artist is the main focal point which I feel is a feature which must be transferred over onto Roza's debut album cover. An aspect that we all felt worked well, is the sense of space in the Ariana Grande and Ellie Goulding's covers by having a background with no strong colours or overbearing lighting.

The agreed design for the front cover
Since this is Roza's debut album, it was agreed that she will be the main focus of the album, with either a long or mid-long shot so that the artist image comes across well. The album cover is our first chance to create a motif for Roza which will run through the majority of texts released; the main element of this motif is the logo, which we have strategically placed in relation to the position of Roza in the image to maximise artist identity.
Colour wise, we felt that it was important for Roza to stand out and for her to be the most eye catching element on the outside of the album cover. The background will be very subtle with no strong colours or lighting, possibly have a shadow cast as an additional feature, but that purely depends on how it looks on the day.

The back cover is following along the same lines as the front cover, with a similar background image and a continuation of parts of Roza's logo to connect the two sides and bring the album together. Another element which will become part of Roza's motif is the symbolic image of a rose, linking in with the artist's name and creating a strong artist image. An idea we had is to have the rose on the inside cover of the album, placed behind the CD; this is something which can be used on all albums and singles released by Roza as a piece of iconography which connects all of Roza's texts.

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