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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shoot Day 28/10/14

The shoot on this day required us to travel to Central London in order to shoot in locations with a lot of British iconography. Both costume and make-up were done by Yssy before leaving for the location, because we had agreed the look prior to the day and it made most logistical sense.

Map showing all of our central London locations

When planning out the scenes in central London, we planned out roughly where we would be shooting and at what times of the day we wanted to get to each location. However, due to the unpredictable nature of London's weather, Matt arrived in central London an hour prior to the planned meet up time to see whether or not the locations were the way we hoped they were going to be. While checking out the locations, he looked for alternatives to each location if any issues arose.

Some of the location images sent near Oxford St (Left) and Soho Sq. (Right)
He would send us images of various locations using the Whatsapp group, therefore allowing us all to talk about whether we were happy with the location and discuss any changes that were needed.

One thing that we did find quite difficult to deal with is the unwillingness of the public to be mindful of the camera; we were forever having to shield the camera from being "accidently" knocked, or needing to re-adjust the framing because someone insisted on looking straight down the lens. On more than one occasion, people walked directly in between the camera and Yssy, even when there was less than a meter between the two.

Public looking into camera

Obviously that is one of the hazards of filming in a very public area, which was to be expected. It just added extra stress to the day, leading to a number of extra takes.

Central London Performance

Central London Narrative

Central London Time lapse 

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